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The setting for a party can greatly impact its benefits and risks. Recognize the setting elements that you can and cannot change and adjust your plans accordingly.

  • Your neighbors, block and neighborhood's interest in you and tolerance for parties and the associated noise, traffic, etc.
  • The past history of the location - previous harm, neighbor complaints, police involvement are factors that should influence hosts and guests.
  • Fraternity houses and private off campus houses and apartments have been demonstrated as settings with greatest risk of harm associated with college drinking.
  • Fire alarms, sprinklers, security and other building systems in working condition.
  • Places or methods for locking up or securing resident and/or guest valuables, i.e. laptops, money, jewelry.
  • Risks are greater for evening and weekend parties; risk increases after 8pm and again after midnight.
  • Can people walk or use public transportation to come and go? Must they drive?
  • Is drinking the primary focus of activity or are there plenty of other activities that engage and bring people together

PartySafe@Cal is a program of University Health Services in collaboration with other campus and community organizations.
The mission is to reduce harm associated with drinking in the campus area.
To volunteer or for more information call 510-642-7202 or email