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An alcohol overdose can lead to irreversible brain damage or even death. Be aware of the following symptoms of alcohol overdose. If you see someone displaying any of these symptoms, call emergency services immediately! Student safety and health is the priority. Do not delay calling for help because you are worried about getting in trouble given the setting or activities. The consequences will be worse if you risk a life.

Knowing these signs and taking these steps can save a life:

  • Person is passed out - semi-conscious, unconscious, or cannot be awakened.
  • Slurred, incoherent speech.
  • Cold, clammy, pale or bluish skin.
  • Breathing is slow or irregular - less than 10-12 times per minute or 10 seconds or more between breaths.
  • Excessive vomiting or vomiting while sleeping or passed out.
  • Call emergency services immediately if any of these symptoms are evident. Wait for emergency personnel to come to you. Don't drive someone with alcohol poisoning or substance overdose to the hospital.

PartySafe@Cal is a program of University Health Services in collaboration with other campus and community organizations.
The mission is to reduce harm associated with drinking in the campus area.
To volunteer or for more information call 510-642-7202 or email